☆☽The Song of the Moon☾☆

The book I’ve written is a YA feminist high fantasy novel called The Song of the Moon. The story follows a young gypsy girl named Dariav Annais who comes from a gypsy family of all women known as “the women of the sea.” On a night like any other, her group of caravans is overrun by the King’s guards in their pursuit of the gypsy singer they had seen earlier in the town square. Dariav is that very singer. The King is currently seeking a replacement for the recently deceased female palace singer and seeks to employ Dariav. After threats and violence from the guards, Dariav finally agrees to go with them to spare her family.

As she begins her lifetime employment within the palace, she meets her male singer counterpart, another gypsy named Evgeni Talais. They form a strong friendship and both deal with their kidnapping in different realistic, emotional ways. On her first night in the palace, she begins to see figments of fatally injured ghost women throughout the halls. They haunt the whole space and hint at a dark mystery hidden in the nation’s history. Dariav and Evgeni seek to discover the secret and hope to eventually free themselves from this strange and horrifying place.

On a general thematic note, the story involves multiple LGBT main characters, dealing with addiction, dark imagery, diverse characters, and heavy symbolism.